Finding a bra that gives a lift

Q. I am a 38 D, and I need a bra to lift up. I have noticed lately they are starting to droop.

-Need a Lift 

A. Weight fluctuation, pregnancy and age can create a myriad of changes in our bra size.  Before you go ahead and buy a new bra, get fitted by a bra specialist.  Many department stores have trained sales women in the intimates department.  Once you know your correct size, start looking for support or minimizing bras that will give you gravity defying effects.  The Bali Live It Up bra is one of our favorites for it’s lifting capabilities.

Bali-Bal001-3353-GsBali Live It Up Underwire

$29  (currently on sale for $23.20) at


  • K

    I am very small up top. I wear a 36 nearly A. I am in a lot of weddings this summer and I really don’t want to wear a bra because I am afraid it will show. I was thinking of maybe getting a nice strapless bra or purchassing those cutless things. I was thinking maybe I could use a strapless bra for when I wear tanktops and things in the summer. I want a bra that can give me shape and still be comfortable. I don’t want to keep pulling up the bra. What should I do?

  • Alison Deyette

    Check bra options from nu form they have adhesive versions of strapless cutlets and can be found at and along with Bloomingdales. And for strapless, backless version look on

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