Finding the Right Purple Shade for Skin Tone

Q. I’m going to be a bridesmaid and was told to pick any shade of purple for the dress color.  My question is, I’ve been told that I have yellow in my skin and that I fall into the warmer tone or autumn category.  What purples would look best with my skin tone?  I know pastels totally wash me out.

-No Passion for Purple

A. Skip the pastels and go for deep rich purple and preferably something with a bit of shine like silk shantung.  It’s hard to give you an exact color name since every designer names colors differently. If the dress is being made, then be sure to look at several “purple” hued swatches to choose your favorite and one that will work best with your skin tone.  If you’re shopping for the dress yourself then try on several and look for a dress, that while you may not love the color, is cut in a shape that compliments some part of your figure, like showing off collar bones and shoulders or a cocktail length to show off great legs.

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