Flattering looks for a post-pregnancy figure

Q. I just had a baby six months ago and am still trying to return to my pre-pregnancy body or close to it. I am 5’2″ so I am already short and now I have a pooch around my mid-section. I also have no hips and very a little tush so I do not have curves. I am having trouble finding flattering clothes to camouflage my mid-section without turning to empire, maternity styles. I feel like a few years ago the baby doll/empire waistline was really in, but now everything is slim and tight. I have tried a belt around my mid-section but I still feel like that doesn’t help and almost emphasizes it. Also, I live in a warm climate so throwing a jacket or blazer over everything isn’t always practical. Is it possible for me to find fashionable, yet flattering outfits?


A. The key to dressing for your post-pregnancy body is to emphasize the positive while camouflaging your mid-section. In your case, slim legs and hips are your best feature- which makes wearing this season’s skinny pants and leggings (or even shorts if it’s really warm) ideal. Pair your slim pants with a blousey tunic top and an optional lightweight cardigan or vest for a flattering look. If you’re dressing for a party or a night out, opt for a short shift dress to help conceal your tummy and show off your legs. Avoid belts and slim jersey tops which will only accentuate your tummy.

Here are some silhouettes for inspiration:

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