Hands Free Handbag Options

Q. I love going to clubs and parties because I enjoy dancing. I carry the bare minimum (leave the cell phone in the car) because I like to club uncluttered so that I can dance up a storm. However, I do want to take my car keys, cash and credit card and not all my outfits have pockets. Strap purses often slide off my shoulder when the dancing gets fun and up tempo. Are there any small purses that can be attached to a belt or dangle safely from my wrist? Please suggest some hands free purse styles.

-Dancing Queen

A. It’s definitely a girl dilemma and annoyance to want to dance freely, but have to handle a small bag. It’s bad enough we have to deal with crowds and sweaty guys sidling up to us, and have to worry about losing our bags if left in a pile.  You need a tiny bag that you can hang on your wrist or attach elsewhere, but still look stylish. I’ve found a few items that will help you hit the dance floor without a worry.

Julie K Lula BagMoe Bags Tiffany in Pale Gold Rouged SilkMarc Jacobs Quilted WristletMadiedeluxe-Goodies-3-16-07-3

Coach Hamptons Pebbled SwingpackAvery Griffin Croc Belt BagMichael Kors Pouch BeltCloe's Clutch in Black

left to right: Julie K Lula Bag, $165 at couturecandy.com; Moe Bags Tiffany in Pale Gold Rouged Silk, $187 at couturecandy.com; Marc Jacobs Quilted Wristlet, $350 at bloomingdales.com; Madie Deluxe Ring Wristlet, $28 at madiedeluxe.com; Coach Hamptons Pebbled Swingpack, $138 at macys.com; Avery Griffin Croc Belt Bag, $187 at ravinstyle.com; Michael Kors Pouch Belt, $85 at nordstrom.com; Cloe’s Clutch in Black, $23 at frostedbrownie.com

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