Heart Healthy Advice

While boyfriends may come and go, it should always be easy to fall in love with yourself.  You’re not going to break up with yourself and the only cheating you may do is eating chocolate while on a diet. This may be the month that is overrun with red roses, chocolates and little candies with messages like “be mine” and “hug me,” but it’s also the month that has become famous for the American Heart Association’s message about fighting the no. 1 killer of women. And this year, the campaign has been pumped up to further the phrase known as Go Red for Women. There are plenty of ways to spread the word or take part in your own health, just log onto goredforwomen.org to check out delicious recipes like berry meringue pie or bacon and veggie pizza, take a health quiz or shop for a cause. redtag.gif

I’m tagging all my luggage with these red leather tags, $12 at goredforwomen.org

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