Help! My cardigan is bunching around my belt

Q. I really want to wear the cute skinny belts on top of my cardigans. But whenever I try this look, the cardigan bunches around the belt, hiding my waist, and looking a bit sloppy. How do I prevent the cardigan from bunching? I’ve tried pulling the extra fabric taut behind my back, but it moves back by lunchtime…I would love any advice here.

OscardelaRenta-cardigan.jpgA. We’re big fans of the belted cardigan look, but must admit, it’s not always maintenance-free. Your belt and sweater typically need to be adjusted several times throughout the day, it’s just another way we women suffer for fashion sometimes! Even runway models aren’t immune to bunching as seen in this photo from the Oscar de la Renta pre-fall 2010 show.  

Your best bet for minimizing bunching is to stick with lightweight cardigans that fit close to the body. The bigger the cardigan, the more room there is for bunching. If you’re wearing the cardigan open with the belt, you may actually want to buy a size smaller than you typically wear.
Another trick is to use double stick tape on the inside of your belt, this will help prevent the cardigan from moving and slipping.

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