Hem Pants Without Sewing

lgdnmover_circl.gifQ. I recall seeing recently in a magazine (and now cannot find) a product that clips up pants that are worn with heels to be able to wear them with flats or gym shoes. While this might not look fashionable, it would be helpful as I commute on public transportation to work, and am ruining both my feet (blisters!) and my good shoes.
-Long and Short

A. I believe you are referring to Zakkerz Temporary Pant Rollups which we wrote about last year. These should do the trick to keep your pants fresh on your commute. Or as a last resort, there is always fashion tape, (or double sided tape).

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    Is it possible for you to wear a tall, slightly wide-leg and of course comfortable boot? I live in an area where we get a great deal of snow, so to eliminate my slacks getting wet while cleaning the snow of the car and while walking to work, I tuck my dress slacks into my tall leather boots. It always works like a charm. Untuck the pant and wear the boot for the day or if you prefer change into your favorite fashionable work shoes.

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