Holiday Cowboy Cocktail Attire

Q. I am attending my company Christmas party in downtown Dallas at the Fairmont Hotel.  The attire states Cowboy Cocktail (what does this mean?) and my husband and I are definitely not into the Cowboy thing.  What would be appropriate to wear?  Also my husband is in the Navy – is one of his dress uniforms appropriate attire?

-Not on the Range

A. Alright, so you don’t want to put on a cowboy hat and boots, but you can still get dressed up and add one piece to your outfit so you’re not snubbing the rest of the crowd.  Wear something you can add and take off after being at the party for 30 minutes or so. Why not add a plaid kerchief or bandana tied around your neck?  It’s something small and simple. I’d suggest that your husband wear a nice suit or sport jacket and pants in lieu of one of his Navy dress uniforms. Enjoy the party and be sure to keep your “not into the cowboy thing” to yourself, since you may inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings who planned the party.

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