Hosiery To Wear With Sandals?

Q. I have a challenge that needs sorting for summer. I am a 40 year old British woman living in a hot country.  I cannot go bare legged in summer and have been desperately seeking some sheer very natural looking seamless toe hosiery that don’t slip on mules when I walk in summer and that don’t look unnatural when everyone else is walking around bare legged. Do you know where I can get something like this?

-Toe Free

A. More women are looking for opportunities to wear hosiery with their mules, peep toes and some sandals while still giving support and coverage to their legs. Thankfully, some designers are listening and creating toeless hosiery and tights. While I’m not a fan of hosiery in summer or with mules, I’m not about to tell you gals to forfeit them from your closet or go bare if you’re not comfortable doing so. So here are some options that offer sheer and flesh toned colors. Just match them as closely to your leg color as possible.

Hue Toeless with Lace Control-Top Pantyhosealke Shelina 12D Toeless Tights Berkshire: Ultra Sheer Hose without Toes

1. Hue Toeless with Lace Control-Top Pantyhose, $6 at alexblake.com

2. Falke Shelina 12D Toeless Tights, $17 at mytights.com

3. Berkshire: Ultra Sheer Hose without Toes, $6.95 at barenecessities.com

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