How Best to Cover Shoulders with Satin dresses?

Q. I’m attending two weddings this summer. I bought two cocktail length Ann Taylor strapless dresses, one light green with a light flower pattern and one navy blue. I’m planning on wearing black peep toe satin high heels. My problem now is that I don’t know what I can wear to cover my shoulders in church and when it gets a bit cold in the evening. I was thinking about a Pashmina but my friend said the fabric of the Pashmina is too rough with the satin of the dresses. My question now is what should I get to wear with the dresses? I would like to get something I can wear with both dresses and that isn’t too pricy. Also what color of purse should I look for?
– Cover Up for Weddings

A. We girls at StyleBakery are big fans of Love Quotes scarves in a mix of linen and viscose which is soft and light weight enough to wear with satin. They come in countless colors so you can choose to wrap yourself in a neutral color or add a punch of color to add the happiness of the occasion. As for a clutch to pair with your dresses look for a pale gold metallic or a neutral beige/cream.

Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf, $85 at

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