How Best to Cover Up a Cocktail Dress

Q. I love your site and have been checking out your great advice for a while now. I have a dilemma: I am going to several weddings this summer and purchased a lovely black cocktail dress from Banana Republic (very Audrey). However, I tend to be cold and it is a bit on the skimpy side. I have been trying to find a jacket or sweater to wear over it that won’t dress it down too much, and I am having very little luck. Do you have any advice?
– Chic Coverage

A. When looking for a little coverage, a Pashmina wrap is not always the best answer. To complete your Audrey Hepburn look add a jacket or cardigan, but rather than keeping it black as well, choose a color or shine to stand out and embrace Spring.


1. Solid cashmere rosette cardigan, $188 at
2. Cotton-cashmere primrose cardigan, $98 at
3. Stardust sequin cardigan, $450 at
4. Metallic mosaic jacket, $300 at

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