How do I prevent my feet from slipping inside my shoes?

Q. I love wearing tights with high heels, but how do I prevent my feet from slipping inside my shoes!

A. It sounds to me like your shoes may not fit properly. We are huge fans of Foot Petals products which offer various shoe inserts to help your shoes fit better. If this doesn’t keep your foot from sliding, you might want to try a little double-stick wardrobe tape like Topstick on the soles of your tights to help prevent slippage. Finally, you might want to opt for heels with ankle straps or t-straps which will help keep your foot in place.

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    My boots fit fine, but tights just make my feet smoother, so sometimes they slide a bit anyway. I wear ankle socks over the tights to fill the interior of the boot a little more, and they don’t show, being low-cut.

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