How to add style to a basic black interview suit

Q. I am 54 and going on a job interview. I have a black silk dress with matching blazer. How can I soften this look?

A. You have several options for softening up or adding style to a black work suit while still looking professional. A sophisticated, yet chic, necklace is a great option since it will bring focus to your face while you’re talking. Look for something strong, yet feminine, like a chunky beaded necklace or twisted strands of pearls. An alternative would be an artfully tied scarf, just make sure it looks stylish and not matronly. Keep your earrings small and subtle.

Depending on the cut of your dress and jacket, you can add a pop of color in the form of a belt. Wear the jacket closed with the belt around the outside of the jacket, or wear the jacket open and wear the belt around the waist of your dress.

You can also convey style with your shoes, there’s no rule saying you have to wear a basic black pump. Look for something professional, yet stylish and appropriate for an interview.


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