How to mix prints

Q. I loved your recent editorial piece on pattern mixing. I actually purchased the ASOS Irregular Striped Midi skirt (one of the featured items). I have not worn it yet because I was unsure what to pair it with but now I’d love to try it with a blouse in a contrasting print. Could you offer some suggestions?

A. Not only is this the perfect skirt to carry you over into fall, it’s also a great print to mix with other prints. Here are some tips to consider when mixing patterns:

1. Mix large prints with smaller prints. Since the skirt features a large graphic stripe print, it will pair easily with smaller prints.

2. Choose prints that match at least one color. The black in the skirt pairs well with a top that also includes black, especially as a background color.

3. Choose prints that are not similar to each other. The vertical stripe of the skirt should not be repeated in the top.

4. Prints that are not next to each other are easier to match. Since the skirt has an all-over print, it pairs easily with a top that only features a print on the upper half of it.


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