How to style a corduroy skirt for fall


Q. I’ve been stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut since university and have finally decided that enough is enough. I have some perfectly nice clothes that I’ve never worn because I don’t know how to put together outfits. I also have a lot of questions, but I’ll just go with this one for now. I have a corduroy skirt that has been hanging in my closet for ages because I don’t know what to wear with it besides a boring black top. I’m 27 years old, 5’0″ and an average build (I’m not straight up and down but I’m not curvy either). I have dark red hair and very pale skin so too much black close to my face tends to wash me out. I’m on a pretty tight budget, so Target/Old Navy-like prices would be ideal. Thank you so much for your website!

A. Great news, it’s time to pull that corduroy mini out of the closet! Wear it with tights and boots or leggings and heels; on top, layer on cardigans, blazers and jackets for a great look. We were inspired by this laid back layered look from the Dsquared² fall runway (shown right) to create the affordable looks below:

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