How to style a sweater dress

Q. I have a charcoal knit sweater dress and I’m not sure what to wear for leg wear and shoes. Is it okay to wear tights (I’m in my forties)? For shoes, I have grey or red closed toe wedges, would that work? I would like booties, but I’m petite (5″2 size 4/6) and I’m afraid the boots would make my legs look shorter. Any ideas? I want to wear this dress for a baby shower I’m hosting and also to a night out to dinner and a play with friends.

A. A sweater dress can be worn several ways; depending on the weather, you can opt for bare legs or of course tights (no matter what your age), but you can also opt for leggings or skinny jeans for a more casual look.

On your feet, your black closed toe wedges will look great with tights. Don’t completely rule out booties, though — a low bootie that is the same color as your tights can be worn even by petite women. Another option is to choose a taller boot that hits an inch or two below your knee, worn with tights or even bare legs.

To change up the look of a sweater dress, try adding a belt, or even a pretty scarf or vest. Here are some options to consider:


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