How To Tuck In Jeans Without Baggy Knees

Q. I really like the look of tucking my jeans into my boots.  However, whenever I try to do this I think it just looks wrong.  I feel like I always end up with a bulge from the jeans (even with my skinny jeans). Is there a correct way to get the look?  Also what boot do you recommend to achieve this look?

-Baggy Knees

 Images 200 3711A. We all have that same issue. Usually it’s easier with skinny jeans, but the moment we sit down and get comfortable the jeans start rising in our boots and suddenly it’s baggy jean syndrome when we stand. An old school trick that comes from the horsey set is to attach stretch clips under you foot to either side of your jeans to hold them down when you sit down or move around. It’s a way to get the look that comes from breeches without looking like a throwback from the ’80s. Check out for pant clips.

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