How to wear a beret

D0403524829810_v1_m56577569831131435Q. I have a hat question:  I’ve seen some very cute berets and I’d like to get one, I just want to be sure about the right way to wear it fashionably!  Should it be tilted to one side (left or right?), or just worn centered?
-Hat Sassy

A. Don’t get hung up looking for rules, especially when there aren’t any. There is no right way to wear a beret, it’s just about which way you prefer and how it looks best on you.  I’ve seen it centered, slightly right and slightly left.  Have fun!  And if someone questions your new purchase just say, “C’est la vie.”

Above: Lola wool felt beret, $75 at

  • Tasha

    I recieved a knitted/Crotched(I apologize for not knowing the difference and mispelling) beret and I have tried so many ways to wear it while standing in front of a mirror. Nothing seems to look right on me and I really want to be able to wear it and feel as though im not “betraying” my style. Do you know some ways to wear it that tend to look good on nearly everyone?

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