How to wear a headband

Q. I’m trying out a new look-bangs!-and I need some headband ideas! I don’t really know whether to go for a thin band or a thick band or a patterned band or a solid band…gah! I don’t even know what color would go with my hair (it’s a very vivid shade of blonde at the moment). Any suggestions?

A. I love a great headband, not only for its style, but also for practicality. The options are endless, whether you have bangs or not, or are blonde or brunette; there are thin and thick styles, plastic, metallic, jeweled and even scarf styles. There are no rules, so experiment with your favorite styles, wearing your bangs blunt or pushed to the side for a different look.

Our one recommendation? Avoid the hippie-influenced middle-of-the-forehead headband – this fleeting trend thankfully seems to be over. Instead, opt for a classic, feminine look like the celebrities below, each wearing a chic headband perfectly:


Here are some stylish headbands to consider:

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