How to wear a sequin jacket

Q I just bought a wonderful black sequin jacket at a great price. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what to wear it with! Is it possible to wear it with something besides formal clothes?

940378_fpx.jpgA. You can absolutely wear your sequin jacket with casual clothes – in fact, we encourage it! Pair it with a pretty feminine top or even a simple tank and jeans for a casual chic look. Take inspiration from the Iisli Women’s “Tiffany” Lace Cotton Blazer shown here (from to see how great a plain white tee and dark jeans look with the sparkly blazer. Try it also with a day dress or even a pair of man-tailored trousers for some more dressy/daytime pairings.

  • B

    im going to a wedding night party and ive bought a sequined blazer, but im not too sure what to wear it with and i didnt really want to wear jeans. any other options?

  • lauren

    a chiffon floaty dress or lace pale pink dress to add a more feminine look to the funky blazer and possibly teamed with opaque tights and shoe boots to add edge?? but you can wear it with anything really, hope this helps

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