How to wear a sheer back blouse


Q. This little beauty has a lovely back, and is a great color for me, BUT I don’t want to wear it alone. Going braless is not an option (hello, G cup) and I refuse to own skin-colored bras (because they make me feel ugly). All that said, is it possible to layer a sheer back blouse in a pretty way?

A. That is a beautiful blouse! But I can certainly see how the sheer lace details along the back would pose a bra issue. I won’t try to convince you that there are plenty of sexy and pretty skin-toned bras out there (there are!), so let’s work with options to wear with your black or colored bras.

Your first option is to wear a low-back bra, which may be difficult to find in a size G. However, several companies make low-back bra converters which work with your regular bras to create a nice backless appearance.

Your second option is to find a nude tank that closely matches your skin tone and is opaque enough to wear over a colored bra. I have a few of these and they are the perfect option to wear underneath a sheer or revealing top.

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