How to wear bright bags for spring

Q. I’ve been seeing a lot of super bright bags for spring, but I’m not sure what to wear them with. Before I spend money on one, can you give me some ideas on how to wear it?

A. Absolutely! Bright bags are a big trend for spring, adding an instant pick-me-up to any look. There are several ways to incorporate a colorful accessory into your look:

Perhaps the easiest way to wear a bright bag is to pair it with neutrals like white, black or tan, letting the colorful accessory pop.


A trickier trend that was huge on the runways is to pair a bright bag with other brights, creating a color blocked contrast.


Finally, you can go matchy-matchy with your bright bag, pairing it with similarly hued clothing.


Now that we’ve covered how to wear bright bags, in our next column, we’ll help you find the perfect bright bag, so stay tuned!

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