How to wear cardigans without looking too mature

Q.I have a question about cardigans… I’m not sure how to pull them off without looking/feeling too “old”. How many buttons should be closed, what should be worn under them, and with what shoes and jeans? I want to look trendy and not like a teacher. :) Thanks so much!

A. It’s no secret that we love cardigans in all shapes and sizes. In fact, we’ve written about them often, including here, here and here. While some cardigans tend to look classic, ladylike and somewhat mature, there are so many fun and young ways to wear a cardigan. Below are some ideas:

Whether you choose a long boyfriend style cardigan or a cropped ladylike cardigan, the above images prove that it’s all in the way you wear it. There are no hard and fast rules as to how many buttons to button or whether to wear it open, it all depends on your personal style. Typically, a buttoned up crew neck cardigan tends to look just that, buttoned up (and probably too mature). Instead, try wearing it open over a basic tank top, a feminine blouse or a pretty dress.

Cardigans are perfect paired with everything from jeans (skinny styles to baggy boyfriend jeans) and trousers to shorts and cargo pants. Shoe choices are endless, depending on the rest of your look. So grab a cardigan that suits you and have fun with it!

  • Beth

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