How to style casual cropped pants

Q. I just bought gray camo pants because I needed them in my closet. Now that I own them, I am having difficulty styling them, especially when it comes to shoes. Please help. I would love to see how you would wear them. What Shoes? Tops? Please note that since I am a mommy, I am going for a cute, mom-on-the-go vibe. 

A. Treat your camo pants as you would any other cropped casual pant. They are super versatile an can go with virtually anything you likely already own or are planning to purchase for spring. Shoes can range from casual (flats, sandals, sneakers, wedges) to dressy (pumps, heeled sandals, ankle boots). For tops, wear one of this season’s ubiquitous slouchy (or drapey) tops, with the front tucked in casually. A blouse or structured top that’s not too long in length also works. Layer on a little denim jacket when the weather is cool.

Here are some suggested ways on how to wear cropped pants:

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