How to Wear High Rise Jeans

Seven For All Mankind
GINGER LIGHT WEIGHT MERCER TROUSER JEANSQ. I love the new high rise jeans.  The majority of those that I have found are trouser cut with wider legs. I live in my Minnetonkas, which look cute with the jeans, but living in Chicago, they aren’t going to cut it in the winter.  What type of shoes do you suggest I wear with them? 
-High Rise Wonder

A. The key is to keep the illusion of a long tall body even if you’re not model height.  Make sure your wide leg, high-waisted trousers are hemmed at a length that doesn’t drag on the ground or cover your foot completely, even when wearing boots or shoes. Keep your tops fitted, wear thinner layering pieces or belt cardigans at your waist.  Pair your new jeans with everything from heels and flats to boots. Of course, when you hem them, you’ll have to make a decision of which shoe you’ll wear most—flats or boots with a heel –since that will make the difference on the final length.

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