How to wear skinny belts to work

Q. I work at a conservative law firm on the east coast and I’d like to know what a feminine (yet appropriate) way to wear a skinny belt is. Can I wear it around my waist? If so what kind of shirts can I wear it with?

A. Not only can you wear a belt around your waist to work, but it is a major fashion “do”! Wear your skinny belt over tailored jackets, button down shirts, feminine blouses, shift dresses and fitted sweaters. Of course, the belt also looks great with pencil skirts, full skirts and trousers. Below are a few ideas for you:

  • Jenn @ Workchic

    Great question, and perfect images to explain! If the office is more conservative stick with belts in basic colors and patterns, black, lightly embossed, etc. But if the office is not conservative or leaning toward casual this is a great way to add a little color to an outfit.

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