How to wear ultra short minidresses

Q. Seriously, why are all the cutest dresses this season so short? Every one that I try on is cut so short, that I’m worried I will flash the world with the slightest breeze or if I lean over. What’s the trick to wearing these dresses for women who aren’t comfortable with minis?


A. I know what you mean, there are some ultra short minidresses out there this season, you wonder if anyone over the age of 16 can wear half of them. In cooler months, it’s easier to go short if you pair it with opaque tights, but in the warmer months, it can be trickier. If you do choose to wear a mini with bare legs, make sure you wear opaque boy shorts underneath so you’re covered in case a breeze blows.

If you just aren’t comfortable going so short, though, I’m right there with you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wear some of this season’s cutest dresses. Try wearing a minidress with skinny white pants, leggings, or even shorts. Here are some looks for inspiration:

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