How to wear your holiday sequins all year round

Q. I invested in a sequin skirt and sequin jacket to wear to a few holiday parties this year (not together of course!). Do I need to shelve them after New Year’s or can I wear them after the holidays are over?

A. There’s something about the holidays that makes us crave all things sparkly, so you’re definitely not alone. The great news is, you really don’t have to save your sequin and sparkly things for the festive season — or just for fancy events, even. Sequins pair easily with more casual items for daytime wear, think sweaters, jeans, and even military jackets. To prove it, here are four looks we’re obsessing over from Madewell and J Crew:


In the Madewell looks above, a sequin skirt is paired with a military jacket for the perfect dressy/casual combination that works great for dinner with friends. On the right, a sequin cardigan is paired with a white button down, skinny cords, and leopard print shoes for a look that can be worn to a creative workplace or Sunday brunch.


J Crew pairs a sequin mini with a chunky sweater and a sequin sweater with a button down and basic black pants. Either of these looks work well for daytime, long past the holiday season.

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