Ideas for brightening up a brown suit

Q. I wear suits to the office. I have several brown pantsuits and skirt suits I’d like to brighten up with accessories. Suggestions?

A. Brown is the ideal neutral to use as a base for your work wardrobe. It pairs well with a multitude of colors including pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple, nude and white, and looks great with colorful or animal prints.
The easiest way to brighten up your suit is to wear a colorful printed top underneath the suit jacket. Invest in a colorful, yet versatile, bag like the yellow options shown below. Jewelry, shoes and belts are also great ways to add color. Below are some ideas for you (just don’t wear them all at the same time!)

Sergio Zelcer Women’s Cat Peep Toe Slingback $182 –

Banana Cream Tote $188 – Anthropologie

Twisted Seed Bead Necklace – Green $14 – Target

Nordstrom Cabochon Drop Necklace $78 – Nordstrom

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