In Search Of A Chic Sun Hat

Q. I’m trying to protect my hair and the skin on my face from the summer sun, so I went looking for a nice hat that would cover my face and hair but with a brim that wasn’t so broad that I look like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My bathing suits are all different colors — black, navy, brown, even some purple thrown in. What I really want is a canvas hat with a little bit of a metallic sheen. But everything I see out there is black, black, black, or straw. I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere! Does such a thing exist? Can you help?-Thanks, (Going) Mad Hatter

BKM400-lg.jpgA. Finding a sun hat with a small brim can be very difficult, after all, it’s the brim that protects your face from the sun. You might want to try a bucket or cowboy hat as an alternative to the typical wide-brimmed hat. As for colors, there are plenty of options other than black, and canvas is certainly an option, but why the aversion to straw? There are many chic straw options available – and they look great with virtually any swimsuit color, including the ones you mentioned.

We had a hard time finding a small-brimmed, non straw metallic hat, but the Hat Attack metallic linen sunhat with piping shown here somewhat fits the bill. It does have a brim, but the floppy style makes it youthful and not too Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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