In Search Of A Large Roomy Designer Tote To Carry Around For School

Q. I’m looking for a designer, rather large/roomy tote to carry around for school. The hard part is that I really want a zipper wall that goes down the middle inside the bag so my books/binders can stand upright and not fall over and also to separate my wallet/makeup-bag from my books. I have searched furiously online with barely any luck. My price range is up to $450 I would say. Any suggestions!?

A. This proved to be tougher than we thought! Here are three chic options that contain the center zip compartment you’re looking for. And if any of our readers have other suggestions, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


LeSportsac Lexie Tech Tote

$120 at


Hayden-Harnett Catalina Slouchy Laptop Brief

$473 at


Lodis Accessories Milano Tote With Laptop Pocket

$279 at

  • Nicole

    Longchamp bags or Herve Chapelier bags are what I have seen as most popular for school totes.

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