In Search Of A Versatile Raincoat

Q. I’m a college student already on the lookout for raincoats, since fall and rain will be here before I know it (and I need to make up for my future procrastination with some planning ahead). I want to get a more mature-looking trench coat style (I’m done with North Face rain jackets) but I can’t decide between brown or black. I am loving this brown Michael Kors Reversible Leopard Coat but am torn between this Anne Klein Bonded Polyester All-Weather Coat in black. Which would be a more versatile option?

A. I’m glad you’re ready to give up your North Face in exchange for something more sophisticated and stylish – and you can’t go wrong with a classic trench. Both of your choices are chic, flattering and timeless, it’s just a matter of whether you wear more brown or black. If either color works in your wardrobe, then the Kors coat gets extra style points for reversing to a leopard print for when you want to make a statement. We found a few more choices in the price range that you may like:

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