In search of basic nude pumps

Q. I know that a nude/neutral shoe is on trend for this season. Honestly, I’ve been searching for a great classic nude/flesh tone shoe for a couple of years and have yet to find one that I really love. I am tall, with long muscular legs and bigger ankles. I know this shoe would be great for my legs.

Do you have any other feedback on where to find classic, basic pumps (peep toe/sandal prefered) in a true nude?

A. It’s hard to say what exactly is a “true nude” since nudes can be any range of light tan, blush, sand or light beige with yellow or pink undertones. The good news is, nearly any of these nude or light beige tones will have the same leg lengthening effect, even if it doesn’t match your skin tone perfectly.

A pump, d’Orsay or sling back style is your best bet; avoid any straps or details which will draw attention to your thicker ankles. Here are some of our favorite nude pumps that will help make your legs look great:

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