In Search Of Boots For Skinny Calves

Q. Thanks for your site, I find it really helpful! I’d like to invest in a good pair of boots for fall and winter. Unfortunately I have really skinny calves so that most boots that are supposed to fit snugly end up looking like galoshes. Other than wearing two pairs of socks to bulk up my legs, do you recommend any boot styles for girls with skinny legs?

A. First, measure your calf at its widest part and take note of its circumference – this will help narrow down your search to boots that are likely to fit your slim calves. Search sites like, and which handily list the circumference of the boots and often let you search for narrow calves. Generally, stretch styles seem to fit slim calves best. Alternatively, look for details like buckles and ties which allow you to adjust the width of the boot for a customized fit.

Other than wearing two pairs of socks, try textured tights and tucked in jeans to help fill up the gaps in your boots.

Here are some chic slim options to try:

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1. Vaneli Lindly, $146 at
2. Sudini Posta, $229 at
3. Type Z Shelle, $243 at
4. Naturalizer Women’s Scurry, $119 at

  • Fasshonaburu

    Oo, I was just thinking about this! Any thoughts or experiences on getting boots taken in in the calf area?

  • agentscully

    I have extremely narrow calves and hate stretch boots… I also don’t find that wearing multiple pairs of socks does anything for me – wide boots still look like galoshes. I buy leather boots that I like, regardless of calf size, and get them taken in. It’s about $70 for the adjustment, but it’s totally worth it. Make sure, though, that you ask the cobbler if he or she is experienced – I had a pair of Coach boots ruined by a woman who didn’t know how to adjust them properly.

  • SailorGirl

    I just received my first order of boots from Duo, a British company that specializes in boots for women of all calf sizes, and THRILLED!!!!! I was a little hesitant to order by mail without trying them on, but they fit perfectly and hug my skinny calves very nicely!! I’d definitely recommend trying them. I first heard of the site a couple of years ago, checked it out and wasn’t impressed by their styles. They’ve since added a lot of great styles and they’re not super expensive (definitely a lot cheaper than Jimmy Choos!)

    I ordered them on Oct. 31 and got them today, in Seattle, 9 days later, which isn’t bad at all. I got the style Imola – sexy, classic high heels!

    Check out Duo – if you have skinny calves and have been searching in vain for fitted boots like I have, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • Eve

    The fitted boot store actually manufacture their boots so their prices are incredible. The bespoke boots can be ordered in almost any size so it’s worth a look.

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