In Search Of Boy Shorts And Camisoles That Won't Roll Up

Q. I have been a faithful Spanx consumer from the get go. In the summer I wear the footless or the power panties and I have tried all of their camisoles. But recent purchases reveal that the new boy pant shorts roll up as do the high waist ones. The camisoles are the worst. Have they changed designers? I have been wearing Flexees camisoles and they are great. I love the Flexees boy shorts but they do not come in small. Any suggestions?

-Intimate Changes

A. I find boy shorts (or as many designers refer to them now: ”girl” shorts) to roll up my butt as well. I like the one from Hanes, but for hip and thigh shaping, the bike short styles usually work best. I’ve had great results on real women makeovers with Donna Karan The Body Perfect collection and Flexees as well. I found two boy short styles in small from Flexees so perhaps the store you’ve been buying from hasn’t purchased them in smaller sizes. Two of our favorite intimate internet shops are and, so check out the multiple options online. My partners, Jen and Beth, at StyleBakery also like Sassybax camisoles for the breast support and torso slimming effects, plus they’re virtually invisible under your clothes. The camisoles come with and without underwire.

 Flexees: One Fabulous Body Boyshort Flexees: One Fabulous Body Sew Free Moderate Control Boyshort Sassybax: Torso Trim Underwire Trim Camisole Donna Karan Hosiery: The Body Perfect Collection Level 1 High Waist Embrace Brief

left to right:

1. Flexees: One Fabulous Body Boyshort, $25

2. Flexees: One Fabulous Body Sew Free Moderate Control Boyshort, $16

3. Sassybax: Torso Trim Underwire Trim Camisole, $75

4. Donna Karan Hosiery: The Body Perfect Collection Level 1 High Waist Embrace Brief, $40

  • Abby S.

    I wear Flexees every single day. I pick everdyay, lighter control when I just want to look a little smoother under my clothes, and firm control when I need extra oomph. There truly is something for everyone. They’re cute and comfortable.

  • connie t

    I wear the Flexees Collection M, Under Control Camisole almost daily. I wear it under suits with the lace trim, I wear it under T shirts for a smooth line. I wear it in the winter for the smooth line and the extra layer. I do not know if it comes in small. It has every style pant to go with the camisole. I like the thigh slimmer the best. I have the thong and the boy short. I do not like the brief because it leaves a panty line.
    I have tried them all. So far Flexees is the all around best, I do not like the Donna Karan products, I really like the Sassybax camisole- great colors, I do not like their new pants, not enough control and I do agree Spanx has gone down hill.

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