In search of clean, classic jeans in a medium wash

Q. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble these days finding good jeans – I know, we all are, I get it. So instead of asking if you know of anywhere I might find jeans to fit my crazy, unporportionate hips, I’ll concentrate on the bigger problem, seeing as for the former there are always tailors…


It seems like everywhere I look every jean has rips, studs, hideously fake and obvious fading and cheap looking fabrics or washes. I like jeans but am a girly girl, I like things that are sexy while still classy and “romantic” looking. All I want is a nice, comfortable, form fitting jean (no skinnies) in a nice medium wash (this is way harder to find than a classy dark jean) with a nice fabric, and no distressing. I have literally scoured the internet and my local shopping malls for far to long now, so I am reaching out for help.

A. I totally get your distaste for all things distressed, shredded, destroyed, etc. in lieu of a jean in a clean, classic wash. But why the aversion to dark denim? Dark denim is not only slimming, but it can easily be dressed up or down – and it looks fantastic with everything from a classic white shirt to a romantic feminine top. That being said, you clearly prefer a lighter medium wash, which is difficult to find these days without any fading or distressing in styles that don’t look like “mom” jeans. Never fear, though, we found some affordable options for you to check out (no skinny styles included!):

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