In search of coats to wear to a wedding

Q. I am attending a fall wedding soon and am wondering how to look stylish and classy while maintaining warmth (I live in a very chilly climate.) What would you recommend wearing to such an event?

A. When it comes to fall and winter weddings, we women often have to suffer the cold weather in order to look stylish. Strapless dresses and strappy sandals are worn year round, regardless of the outside temperatures.

Since your wedding is likely inside, you really only need to worry about dressing warmly for the short walk from the car. You can either invest in a pricey evening coat that you’ll rarely wear, or you can stick with a classic wool coat in 3/4 or longer length. I’ve even seen chic New Yorkers somehow “work” a puffy coat and black tie dress for a dressy evening out. Or, you can try one of this season’s big trends: a (faux) fur jacket or chubby. Not only will it look great with your evening dress, but it will look fabulous with casual jeans and a sweater. Here are some favorites at every price range:

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