In search of comfortable shoes for a summer walking tour in Europe

Q. I need your help. I don’t know what shoes to pack for a week long walking tour in Europe. I don’t want to be so sporty that I coordinate my outfit around a pair of tennis shoes, but I also can’t find a pair of sandals that are supportive enough to withstand eight hours a day of walking. Am I too worried about fashion over function? I just can’t bring myself to spend an unfashionable week in tennis shoes and tourist clothes in one of the most fashionable continents on the globe! :) Any suggestions?

A. Unfortunately, the European image of the typical American tourist is a t-shirt, shorts, fanny pack and sneakers. I applaud and completely support your desire to look stylish while feeling comfortable. You’ll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of options for comfortable, supportive – and, yes, chic – sandals to wear during your European tour.

Below are some sandal options, as well as some stylish sneaker alternatives (no tennis shoes in the bunch!). Just be sure to give your final selections a good test run before you leave for your trip – you don’t want any blisters ruining your day!

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