In Search Of Flat Silver Strappy Sandals For A Wide Foot

Q. I have been looking everywhere for flat, silver leather, strappy sandals for a wide foot for summer for under $45. But I can’t find any that aren’t gladiator or thong style. I want a casual sandal that I can still dress up if needed. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Wow, that’s a tall (or wide) order – flat, silver, wide, not a thong or gladiator and under $45. We did find several silver wide options at and, but none that fit all of your parameters. You may have to raise your price range or opt for a slightly higher heel to find a silver shoe that fits your wide foot. Here are some of the best we’ve found:

9994-668912-d.jpg 8521-718407-d.jpg 3279-401130-d.jpg 9994-637646-d.jpg
Shoes_iAEC1092238.jpg shoes_iaec1110075.jpg Shoes_iAEC1087312.jpg Shoes_iAEC1088463.jpg
1. Fitzwell Charlotte, $79 at
2. Vigotti Nora, $89 at
3. Bouquets Newport, $70 at
4. J. Reneé Desna, $109 at
5. Touch Ups Women’s Melanie, $40.99 at
6. Gretta Women’s Gilda, $44 at
7. Touch Ups Women’s Lynn, $51.99 at
8. Touch Ups Women’s Gemini, $58.99 at

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