In Search Of Flats With Arch Support

Q. Is it just me, or is finding a pair of flats with arch support like searching for the Holy Grail? I have flat feet and stand all day long for work, so I need something supportive that’s not a sneaker … but also fabulous and stylish. Unfortunately, it seems like all the shoes I’ve tried in stores and online have thin soles and little or no cushioning. (The few that do fit the bill comfort-wise look bulky or geriatric.) I’d love to find something work-appropriate in a cranberry and/or metallic, but at this point, I’m not picky about color! (On the technical side, is there any reason why designers *can’t* add cushioning or support to their flat or low-heeled shoes? Seriously — I’m curious.)

A. It may seem like an impossibility, but fashion and comfort are not always mutually exclusive when it comes to shoes. More designers these days are making foot-friendly and fabulous footwear. Cole Haan’s line of Nike Air® cushioned shoes is one of our favorites, and Aerosoles is known to have some stylish offerings on occasion.

Here are several ultra-comfortable flats that you can wear to work:

Cole Haan ‘Air Sierra’ Flat
Cleverly concealed Nike Air® cushions the foot for long-lasting comfort.
$185 at
Cole Haan ‘Air Camille’ Flat
Padded footbed is coupled with concealed Nike Air® cushioning for maximum comfort.
$195 at
‘Trina’ from Walking Cradles
Padded footbed with massaging bumps offers soothing support.
$83 at
SORBET_PD.JPGAerosoles Sorbet
Extra cushioned footbed gives day-long comfort.
$69 at

6627-600491-d.jpgMagnolia by Lumiani
Fully cushioned footbed.
$130 at
Gentle Souls Bay leaf
Flaxseed pillows conform to medial and lateral arch.
$195 at
‘Wassilla’ flat from Vaneli
Cushioned footbed creates slipper-like comfort.
$106 at
pl592664-00vliv01.jpgClarks Adore Yours
Cushioned footbed and crepe outsole.
$105 at

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