In search of flattering nude heels

Q. I love how nude heels go with everything and elongate your legs. My problem is I have very tan legs (I’m Filipino) and really light feet from sock tans and running shoes since I’m an avid runner. Luckily, the line isn’t quite distinct. It kind of blends. Should I wear nude pumps that match my legs’ tone or pumps that match my feet? My logic is to go with the lighter nude since wearing pumps that match my legs would look like “colored” shoes on my feet instead of “disappearing”. The lighter nude would match my feet and elongate the length of my legs, despite the two tones. But I’m not very sure if my reasoning is sound and I would like a second opinion. What do you think I should wear?


A. Nude heels, or heels that match your skin tone, have the wonderful effect of elongating your legs, as well as matching any outfit. Since your feet and ankles are lighter than the rest of your leg, your best bet is to find a pair of heels that matches your foot and ankle as closely as possible, since this is the area of your leg that will be closest to your shoes.

Another option is to use self tanner on the lighter areas so that the color more closely matches the rest of your leg. If you’re not a big fan of self tanner, you can try a daily moisturizer that gives you a subtle gradual tan like Jergens Natural Glow.

Below is a selection of nude and tan heels to match a variety of skin tones:

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