In search of the perfect strapless bra

Q. I’m small-chested (34A) and whenever I wear my strapless bras (and i’ve tried a number of them: Victoria’s Secret, Gap, etc.), if i have them on under a snug fitting top, i get a highly unattractive “dent” across my breasts where the top of the cup meets my skin. Yes, i’ve tried the bras specifically designated as “smooth” for supposedly seamless coverage. Can you please help me? Thanks!

A. My guess is that the bras you’ve tried so far have been bandeau-style (straight across at the top) which can often give the appearance of a dent. Instead, look for bras that dip down in the middle that help give more of a lift than a flattening effect. If you are still experiencing a “dent”, then it is possible that you are choosing a cup size that is too small, try a 32B or 34B instead.

If these solutions still don’t work for you and you are truly an A cup, then I suggest skipping the bra entirely and wearing one of the nipple covers we recommended here.

Here are some strapless suggestions to try:

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