In search of versatile work dresses for a petite, curvy figure

Q. I’m looking for a stylish summer dress than i can wear to work (business casual) and wear to weekend events. I like to dress up but have trouble finding dresses that are flattering to my petite (5’2″) curvy (size 4-6) frame. Dresses either have too much fabric and make me look bundled up or are too revealing. Please help me find something in between that is stylish too!!

A. You are on the right track by choosing a dress to wear to your business casual office and on weekends. Not only are dresses versatile, they are also the easiest thing to throw on in the morning – no worrying about matching up tops and bottoms – just one piece and you’re good to go!

Since you are petite, it is important that you shop stores that carry petite lines. This will ensure that dresses are cut to fit your shape, without all the extra fabric you’re complaining about. You’ll also save a bundle on trips to the tailor! We especially like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and J Crew for their selection of petite sizes. Take note, though, you’ll often have to shop online for the largest selection since many stores only carry limited petite (and tall) sizes.

Here are some dresses we found for you to wear to work and on weekends. If you’re concerned about a dress being too revealing for work, try layering a cami underneath to cut down on cleavage, or wearing a cardigan over the dress to cover up arms if necessary.

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