In search of warm, comfortable shoes and boots for winter commute


Q. With the cooler weather quickly approaching, I am on the hunt for shoes I can wear during my winter commute. I typically walk about 30 blocks to/from work and need some comfy shoes that keep my feet warm. Unfortunately the shoes I have found so far may be supportive and warm, but they are not cute, or the shoes are cute, but have no support whatsoever. Are there any particular brands or shoe styles I need to look into? I would love your advice!

A. One of this season’s hottest trends also happens to be super comfortable and cozy for winter: shearling and faux fur lined boots. Available in a range of heights and price ranges, the waterproof version of this boot will not only keep your feet dry, but also warm.

Since the shoes you wear to brave the weather and walk 30 blocks might not be the same ones you want to wear all day at the office, we suggest carrying a pair of heels in your work tote to change into (or leaving a pair at work). The boots will also ensure that your pants or tights remain dry.

Below is a selection of warm, comfortable shoes in shearling and non-shearling styles that will be perfect for your winter trek to work:

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