Inexpensive gifts for roommates

Q. I have recently moved to a cold state and thought it would be a great idea to get robes for my roommates for Christmas.  Now, I don’t want to spend a ton ($50 max) and one is for a girl and one is for a guy, so unisex options are great!  Can you think of a good place to order them from or any other great gifts for the roommates?
-Warm Them Up

A. You can find your roommates not only cozy fleece robes, but you can add in slippers or PJ bottoms all for under $50 at  I recently received a pair of PJs with Noel emblems on them and they‘ve become my instant favorite for winter. Check out these great Old Navy finds:
Performanc Fleece
robe, $29.50


Women’s Charm
Slippers, $10


Men’s Performance
Fleece Robe, $29.50

sleep bottoms, $12.50

moccasins, $12.50

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