Is it taboo to wear sheer hosiery?

Q. Is it taboo to wear sheer hose in the winter with a cocktail dress? My legs seem so pasty in the winter, and self tanners are always some sort of social suicide.

A. When you say sheer, I am assuming that you mean sheer nude hosiery. While not taboo, I am not a huge fan of nude hosiery. Unless you manage to find an ultrasheer shade that truly disappears against your skin, I would skip the nudes and opt for one of this season’s chic hosiery trends. The trend this season is not to pretend as if you’re not wearing hosiery, and instead wear prints, patterns and textures proudly.


For an evening look with your cocktail dress, perhaps try sheer black pantyhose (they’re back in style!) or a sophisticated lace pair.

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