Jewelry for a Beige Dress

Q. I have purchased a dress for my son’s wedding. I vowed I wouldn’t wear beige, because it washes me out. I basically did though. The color is called light cafe and is strapless. What color jewelry would you recommend?

-Beige Begone

A. Here’s a few questions to answer before I can help. Why did you succumb to a color that you clearly know washes you out? Are you trying to blend into the background rather than shine with the rest of the party? Were you shopping alone or did you have “help” from a friend? Can you return it? IF you fell in love with the dress and had to have it, then we have options. Realize that this is your son’s wedding, so you should adore the dress and feel confident in it all day. Look for jewels that have shine, sparkle or color. Dangly earrings with a bracelet and cocktail ring or stunning earrings with a necklace that hits around the collarbone are the best fits for a strapless. Gold tones with diamonds, real or faux, will give off shine. If you need color, then think amber and soft tones of pink, blue or green. Here are some suggestions:

50 Carat Green Garnet Briolette 14K Gold NecklaceAriella Collection Oversize Cushion Cut Ring301-E95-Y-1Mother of Pearl Necklace

left to right: 50 Carat Green Garnet Briolette 14K Gold Necklace, $250 at; Ariella Collection Oversize Cushion Cut Ring, $78 at; Yellow Sapphire Diamond Earrings, $182 at; Mother of Pearl Necklace, $190 at

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