Looking for casual kick-around pants to wear with flats on weekends

Q. Do you have any suggestions for some cool, kick-around pants? All the pants I own fall into two categories: dress pants or jeans. I’d love a cool looking pair of relaxed pants to wear with my flats or “fashion” sneakers on the weekends. Any ideas?

A. Our favorite kind of pants! This season, we’re loving the Ripstop Utility Pant from jcrew.com (below) for its versatility and comfort. You can wear it with sneakers and flat sandals or dress them up with heels and a pretty top. They come in a variety of colors as well as petite and tall sizes. We also like washed linen drawstring pants, cuffed stretch jeans and cargo pants.

Here are some more casual weekend pants for you to choose from – all under $100:


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