Looking For The Perfect Affordable Everyday Bag

Q. I have been looking for the perfect bag for quite a while. The problem is when I find one I like, it’s always very expensive. I would like to find a bag that I can use everyday: medium sized, slouchy, over the shoulder, and preferably brown. I would like to try to spend less than $200, if it’s possible. Any suggestions?

A. Thanks for the challenge, this one was fun! We found a slew of brown slouchy everyday bags for you, check them out below. By the way, you need not feel boxed in by brown – a dark red or even dark purple offers the same neutral versatility but with a bit more “pop”.

  • lisa

    Try the brand Hobo International. They have great bags – I love them…great quality leather and workmanship too. I especially like their “Bonnie” bag for a great everyday bag.

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