Necklaces to wear with crew neck sweaters

Q. I have several crew neck pullover Jackie sweaters by JCrew in wines, deep blues and teals. I normally just wear these with jeans. I feel I need a necklace or something to spruce it up a bit. I don’t want anything too glitzy as I just will just wear it for daily use (mom on the go, volunteering). I’m never quite sure what type of necklace to wear with crew necks (long or short).

A. For a crew neck sweater, I prefer a necklace that is short (hits right around the neckline) or one that is longer, like a pendant necklace. One of the new trendy collar necklaces also looks great with a crew neck. In other words, just about every style necklace works!

Here are some options that are perfect for every day.

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